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Code Master: CODEIGNITOR with PHP Workshop

           Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized a three day workshop on CODEIGNITOR
           with PHP in collaboration with TOPS Technologies, Surat. PHP is one of the best web development
           languages whereby  students can  learn every aspects of PHP  language. Nearly 80% of the websites
           today are using PHP to completely develop the websites. Understanding the technological advancement
           requirement  and  ability  of  building  dynamic  and  database  oriented  websites  this  workshop  gave  a
           practical exposure to the students who participated. The workshop was held from 19   to 21 February,
           2018 wherein, 34 students along with 2 faculties attended and developed their own codes. Mr. Tamim
           Mohammed was the instructor resource person from TOPS technologies, Surat. He is the team leader in
           TOPS technologies and is a certified expert faculty.

           Workshop  on  “Practical  Realization  of  Power

           System Protection”

           Power supply has become so important for the entire society that serious efforts are required to provide a
           full  proof  protection  system  by  complimenting  the  present  conventional  system  through  innovative
           technology.  The  proper  operation  of  a  power  system  requires  an  efficient,  reliable  and  fast  acting
           protection  scheme,  which  basically  consists  of  protective  relays  and  switching  devices.  Students  of
           Electrical  Engineering  –  Diploma  attended  a  workshop  on‖  Practical  Realization  of  Power  System
           Protection‖  held  at  Shroff  S  R  Rotary  Institute  of  Chemical  Technology,  Bharuch.  The  program  was
           focused  on  understanding  the  different  protective  relaying  schemes  (conventional  and  advanced)  and
           switchgear,  and  offered  visualization  to  concepts  by  conducting  practical  sessions.  The  instructors
           elaborated key aspects  in different protective schemes and switchgear. A blend of theory, mathematical
           aspects and practical sessions during program offered good insight to power system domain learners.
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