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                                                                           INSIDE THE ISSUE

       Dear Readers,
       ‗Many  land  marks  have  been  set  and  many
       milestones  to  par,  before  we  rest‘  –every                    Beyond Classroom learning

       LITians have joined hands to make LIT, so
       big, so mighty, so there is  nothing that LIT                      On Field Experience
       can‘t do.                                                          Inexhaustible on ground

       LIT  has  been  the  enlightening  source  of                      Clubs  Activities
       knowledge           and        observes         many
       transformations  in  context  of  its  face-lift,                  Initiatives

       academics, cultural and brought sociological                       National Conference
       change in the belt of Southern Gujarat.
                                                                          Project Exhibition
       This  issue  covers  all  the  achievements,  the
       colorful events celebrated and activities held                     Celebrations
       in  year  2018  to  enlighten  all  with  the

       happenings  of  the  college.  We  hope  this                      Academic Achievers
       newsletter  will  be  informative  to  all  the                    Our Recruiters

       This  magazine  is  a  compilation  of  the
       activities  and  achievements  of  the  college
       held during the year 2018. Any modifications                     ―Happiness is when what you

       and suggestions are most welcome!!                              think, what you say, and what

                     You may write us at                                   you do are in harmony.‖


                                                                                   ― Mahatma Gandhi
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