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          Industrial visit is an On-Field Experience to the students while they are learning the concepts. This helps to
          provide them an insight regarding internal working of different discipline and also helps them recognizing
          the linkage of all the streams together. With an aim to go beyond academics, Laxmi Institute of Technology
          organizes regular Industrial Visits that provide students a practical perspective of the work place and an
          opportunity to clarify their doubts  and silence their curiosities. They  can communicate with people  and
          organizations to get a clear idea of their dream job. This section covers the company and their learning‘s
          throughout the year.

          Valsad Railway Station and Electric Loco Shed, Valsad

          Valsad Electric Loco Shed is an electric engine shed located in Valsad, in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is
          located to south of Valsad railway station,  and comes under the Mumbai-Western  Railway.  Students of
          Civil Engineering from Degree and Diploma visited the site from 16 January, 2018 -25 January 2018 in
          batches.  The  students  had  an  exposure  to  loco  shed  and  the  role  of  Civil  engineer  in  maintaining  and
          repairing the system. They were introduced to many components of Loco in order to understand and acquire
          knowledge  of  different  types  of  Crossing,  Locking  system,  Connection  and  joints  of  Rail  ,  Repair  and
          Maintenance of Rail Engine.
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